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Easy installation!

The mount and enclosure only takes a few minutes to install.

  1. Mark which "FogBuster" tube goes to each barb fitting on the "FogBuster"
  2. Remove the clear tubing from the "FogBuster". If you need to cut it, cut as close to the barb fittings as possible. 
  3. Remove the Tormach flood coolant tubing bracket from the mill
  4. Install the mount base to the mill using the screws removed in the previous step
  5. Place the end of the Loc-Line hose and the steel Tormach flood coolant tube in the base
  6. Install the mount cover using the supplied screws and adjust the upper two screws to achieve the motion you want
  7. Insert the clear tubing into the Loc-Line hose and feed all the way through
  8. Re-install the clear tubing on the "FogBuster" making sure to connect as before
  9. Install the enclosure on the "FogBuster" and the Loc-Line hose using the supplied screws
  10. Adjust the two screws on the Loc-Line end of the enclosure to achieve the motion you want
  11. Enjoy!

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  • Wayne Rademacher on

    Hi Greg, I finally found time to machine your fogbuster holder from aluminum. It came out sweet…..send me your email addy and I will send pics.

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